Kleskun Springs Water Resources

Kleskun Springs is blessed with many valuable water resources;

  1. Many natural artesian springs.
  2. Artesian well which can produce 2000 cubic meters daily without a pump.
  3. A runoff water channel / creek.
  4. Developed fish ponds.
  5. Natural ponds.

Water is a valuable resource and is becoming more rare in Alberta.

These water resources are very valuable for many reasons including but not limited too;

  1. Scenic views.
  2. Fish ponds.
  3. Irrigation for agriculture.
  4. Water source for oil and gas industry.
  5. Increase value of land and any development.

 Kleskun Springs Water Resources.

  1. Water Value
  2. Why Invest in Water.
  3. Artesian Well Production
  4. Artesian Water Wells
  5. Beach