You Want a Private Fishing Location!!!

Kleskun Springs has developed artesian springs into private fishing ponds. The ponds are located within 6 minutes of Sexsmith, Alberta and 18 miles from Grande Prairie, Our goal is to provide rainbow trout fishing the way it was meant to be – in well stocked clean cool waters and in non-crowded conditions.

The vast scenic 220 acres of private property is the combination of two side-by-side properties. Performing as one, as natures’ dancers once danced, this union is a stride towards the movement of environmental protection and enhancement. The garden’s fertile soil is supplied by an old cattle ranch that used to make its home on 164 acres of untreated macrobiotic landscape located in the Kleskun Valley.

 Fish Stocking

The ponds are annually stocked with trout to provide an enjoyable experience for people. Each spring, rainbow trout are purchased from private hatcheries and stocked in the pond where they grow to be ready for fishing by early summer.

Any fish wily enough to escape being caught during the summer, will happily hibernate over winter beneath the ice, and be even larger the following season.

 Water Featues  Land Features
  • artesian Spring Fed Fishing Ponds
  • artesian Wells
  • many Natural Springs
  • spring run off Channel
  • Kleskun Lake Reserve
  • chemical FREE
  • 220 acres of bio-diverse land
  • private property
  • full-pitch 120 x 80 yds
  • full size soccer-golf course, SocGol
  • 3 fishing ponds – catch & release
  • sandy beach – swimming