The Beach

Play along the 1000 feet of Sandy Beach Front  
A clean gravel-lined raceway for the fish is bordered by a clean sandy beach. The water resources for the beach are fed by an artesian spring. This continuous flow of clear water provides an excellent environment for the fish, fishing, swimming and playing along the 1000 feet of sandy beach.
 Water Featues  Land Features
  •  artesian Spring Fed Fishing Ponds
  • artesian Wells
  • many Natural Springs
  • spring run off Channel
  • Kleskun Lake Reserve
  • chemical FREE
  • 220 acres of bio-diverse land
  • private property
  • full-pitch 120 x 80 yds
  • full size soccer-golf course, SocGol
  • 3 fishing ponds – catch & release
  • sandy beach – swimming