Artesian : What is an artesian well?


Nature’s Tap
Kleskun Springs is a unique piece of the Peace Country.  It was carved out during the last ice age 10,000 years ago and in its passing left behind an oasis of free flowing artesian water springs.  For many years some of these springs remained undiscovered hidden underneath spring run-off water.  The spring runoff has been controlled allowing these elusive valuable sources of clean unpolluted water to display their real worth.
The creek now bypasses the springs, keeping the crystal clear water separate from any runoff water.  With the artesian springs now accessible and usable, plus the removal of spring run-off erosion, maximum use of the land and more opportunities exist.The clean water has many uses for recreation, domestic and irrigation purposes. These springs run year round and cannot be contained only controlled.  Any excess water is easily drained by the widened run off channel, carrying the water to the lower southeast corner. A natural pond is located here as one final filter.
Free Flow of Water
artesian_waterThe artesian springs, at Kleskun Springs flow, 24/7/365, never stopping. Some of them are difficult to detect in the summer but in the winter and especially early spring, they display their continuous flow. As the water flows and freezes, a mini-glacier is being formed.
The post in the ground is where the spring breaks ground and never freezes. You can witness the flow as a small current carves its way through the newly formed glacier. Notice the vast ground the infant glacier can carve out in just one winter.Possibly, during the next ice-age, these springs will be the source of a huge glacier, as all the springs glacier flows will combine to form one huge sheet of ice.Until then, enjoy all that this fresh clean water has to offer at KLESKUN SPRINGS.
 What is an Artesian Spring?
A well or spring that taps groundwater under pressure beneath an aquifuge or aquiclude so that water rises without pumping and if the water rises above the surface, it is known as a flowing artesian well.A well is a hole drilled or dug down to underground water.  In an artesian well the water is trapped under great pressure between layers of rock.  When the well is drilled, the pressure forces the water up through the hole.

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Water can be trapped underground between layers of solid rock called an aquifer.  Sometimes a natural opening allows water from an aquifer to stream out of the ground.  This is called an artesian spring.  (Encyclopedia of Science, 1986, p. 98)Springs, then, are places where ground water moves naturally to the earth’s surface. Because ground water is underground and unseen, it is not always possible to know exactly how movement takes place. In addition, each spring differs according to the geology and topography of an area. Nonetheless, it is possible to describe the general geology of springs.